When I was little I always thought that the batman theme song was "Bananananananana" cause he like, really liked bananas or something.  

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  1. Ahh eke as batman is adorable!

    1. Thanks Gia - did you notice the DARD reference in eke's t-shirt?

  2. Awesome batman, eke! You are so talented it makes me jealous

    1. Thanks Gweenbrick. Don't sell yourself short, you have nothing to be jealous about. I am dying to see what you look like in real life though, at least just your eyebrows. Just put up a picture of your eyebrows and I'll be alright.

  3. Love the batman. By the by, I've passed an award on to you - if you do that sort of thing... Anyway, it's over at my place.

    1. Yikes! An award? wtf?! I never get awards! SOLID WIN.

      Thank you my darling!

  4. Loving the batman! You are super talented!

    1. Thanks lady. Coming from you - what a compliment :)

  5. Wait, the song isn't about bananas? :)

    1. I know. How stupidly disappointing is that?

  6. Hmmm not letting me post a comment - and I lost what I already wrote! I'll try again.

    It went something like this:

    "Where are the bananassssssssssssss?? I want bananasss.... I love bananassssss!

    Actually, it's ok not to have bananas because Batman Eke is sooooo adorable! I just love her! (him??)

    By the way, I read somewhere (I think in the feedback on Brett's blog) that English isn't your first language. So, just wondering, are you French since you mentioned that your dad moved there when he was 20? My curiosity is aroused lol...


    1. Thanks Bozo. Yeah...I'm not really sure what eke is - man, woman, beast...I think it depends on the day.

      And in terms of banananannaa vs batman - check out the comment below. Bananaman is real and oh my life I love him.

      English is not my first language, even though I sound very much like an American, I am not. I am indeed French. I learned to speak English at an international school in Paris. I did live in America for a while during and after Uni though. Which isn't as cool as India. But America use to be filled with IndiaNS, which shares nothing in common with India except for their first five KIND OF, I've lived in India?? Oh. Fart.

    2. Lol you really do sound American... I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've heard a French national say "fart"...!

      Bananaman sounds awesome and I'll have to look him up ;-)

      Looking forward to more posts from you - I really enjoy them!

  7. Batman always did make Bananaman jealous.

    Even though Bananaman had the strength of twenty men... twenty big men. And a crow - which, let's face it, is cooler than a robin.

    He just didn't have the banana theme tune.

    1. HA. Bananaman got me so excited I actually googled it.

      Screw batman, bananaman is AWESOME.

      "...he wears a yellow two-tailed cape resembling a banana skin. His superpowers include the ability to fly, superhuman strength (often quoted as "twenty men... twenty big men" but sometimes limitless, with "nerks", "women" and "snowmen" all being used in place of "men"), and seeming invulnerability. If Bananaman needs extra power, bananas can be eaten for strength boosts, provided by his faithful pet crow"

  8. I love, love, love Batman Eke. So cute. And also, in the post I'm putting up later today, I'm totally singing about bananas! This is like some kind of group-think.

  9. Always be Batman, unless that Batman is Val Kilmer. Seriously, have you seen him lately? He is looking quite, uh, paunchy.

    Otherwise, I would be inclined to agree.

  10. Can you make an eke robin!?! This is adorable

  11. I am now in the mood to eat bananas and watch batman! I like your drawings! And way to raise awareness of DARD! Those crazy ducks!

  12. Your rendition of Batman is pretty awesome.

    I used to watch Bananaman as a kid, voiced by the Goodies.

    Factoid of the day ;)

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