no time.

I have run out of time.

Seriously I think I used it all up doing something ridiculous like collecting stickers. I use to have all sorts of time, enough to play hide & seek at Ikea or write love letters to David Spade.

I feel like everyday I wake up only to be slapped in the face with a seemingly endless list of tasks. And it's like my job doesn't even like me, it hates me, all it wants is for me to be too tired to live. And my wedding is a monster beast that wants to drink all my blood.

Anyway, I may not be updating here as often as I'd like, and if there's anybody out there actually still reading my cartoons, I am le sorry.


I am not a racist. I know this because I went to a Tyler Perry movie once.

Racism in an ugly, ugly thing.  Unless you make it about penises, then it's just funny.

Oh man, penises are hilarious. If I had one I think I would rub it on everyone, regardless of whether they are in the mood.

I need things

I just need a fucking robot.

Because some days I lose my pencils and can't find my life and I end up accidentally smashing into walls like a mole on meth. So I need some kind of intelligent machine to follow me around and help with with things. And it would be made out of pillows because that way it would be nice, cause you can't be mean when you're made of god damn pillows.