mornings are rough

good mornings are not a thing.

sometimes i bite

Friday moustache

Growing up my older sister Dickhead use to draw these little lower case 'm's in her pictures and said they were birds....but I always knew they were flying moustaches, I always knew. My dad has a big furry moustache. When he yells at me all I can hear is "Arrrrrrgh!! MOUSTACHE, MOUSTACHE, MOUSTACHE!!!".


I think my skull is trying to strangle my brain. 

adult life is poo

Being all grown up and responsible is stupid and annoying. I liked it better when I ate play-do and played with mud.


A couple of weeks ago someone left a comment on my blog saying they'd like to see one of my drawings on a I put one of my drawings on a t-shirt and sent it to her.

Any of you fancy having an eke item, do let me know! Email me at