undefeated in fist fights against unborn babies

It's been a while .

Unforgivably, I have, and will remain to be, preposterously busy and have little time for eke....makes my brain full of crying. All the time.

Below are a few things that have happened over the last few weeks that I thought worthy of note:

- Yesterday I went to the dentist to get one of my cavities filled (I have six, cause of all the candy I eat for breakfast) where I was given a bit of nitrous oxide to calm my wiggles. When I came home I tried putting my socks on, I tried and I tried and I tried. Then I realised I was trying to put underwear on my feet.

- I can't wear push up bras because I get distracted by my cleavage.

That is all.

not a vagina

I don't have anything new to post because, as I previously mentioned, I have run out of time and my brain is full of fuck, but I do have a question...

does this look like a vagina to anyone else??

And there like, Its better than yours...

I found this on my computer (milkshake brings all the boys to the yard?)

...also, I miss you guys