I will not be able to post any new cartoons for the next three days.

But I will leave you with this, if ever you find yourself wanting to strangle a paraplegic, just don't.

See you in a few days my loves!


turns out...tequila is NOT a magic potion, at all.

get it together

This could work in one of two ways:

a. you freakin' die; or

b. your shit sticks together.

true story

allllllll by myyyyyseeeeelf

so lonely...


Maybe I got a twitter account...and maybe I have no idea how to use it.


flarken shit.


i dont know

I woke up and this is what came out of me. 

I once got so dirty, when I took a shower the water was actually brown.

It's not that I don't like to shower, I spend hours in the shower, especially when I bring chocolate in there with me. It's more that I just like to be dirty with unkempt hair.

boy's anatomy

This is not a vagina joke.

hangover monster

I hate waking up next to him.

a reason to live

butter always makes me feel better.


Teeth aren't purple...I must need another glass.

stories of a computer mouse

This is what my computer mouse has done at some point or another today: