I may not be okay with spiders. I know, it's so gay balls, but it's true (as you'll note from a previous post, [linky dink] I also do not enjoy the lady bugs for personal reasons - spiders I hate because they are god damn awful).

What's wrong with them? Almost everything. I mean, did you know that a spider's carapace, if sufficiently scaled, could adequately shield a nuclear blast? Spiders are evil beast machines that will end up killing us all if we don't watch our backs and start sleeping with our damn mouths closed. 

The entrance to my flat has had one lurking in the doorway for the past like, 8 weeks. Everyday, I pass it with great tact, careful not to disrupt the beast as I'm too big of a wimper to try and do anything about it…Today I walked by and, "whuck!?" -  it was not there any more which is the WORST because it means it could be anywhere, like in my hair - aak! Worst thing. More worster than anal rot!  

This spider thing generated a few cartoons, please deal with it because I can not. 


  1. OH well you know what this means its time to sell the house and move!!! ;-)

    good luck - u know its watching you, just waiting to strike!..I know because spiders hate me too!

  2. Great post...I am not a fan either!