Got a new computer at the office and I would just like to say: SHUT UP you hyperactive paperclip with a God complex! 

The paperclip is only a good thing if you like to swallow poo. 

I can not get through a single sentence without that thing coming up out of nowhere, asking me questions and yelling at me for typing comparbles wrong - it's a hard word to type for me! Or sits there blinking,  no I am not writing a letter, no I don't need help thanks, no I really am not bothered about the spacing, "Options...Choose Assistant...Animate!" How about "Suck my shit"

Does it even actually help me with my grammar? No. It just tells me that everything I type is a fragment and that I consider revising it. 

I realise that I cursed a lot in this post, and I am okay with it. 


  1. I hate the paperclip! He's the undying backseat driver of my working existence.

  2. yay for "eat a bag of dicks!"
    Is that a Always Sunny reference?!