too many Mondays

..."is it Monday yet!? Mondays are my fav" - says no one, ever. 

It is my belief that Monday's only purpose is to remind me that I am an adult. It's not what I like. And I can not brain on Mondays. I have the dumbs and functioning at half-capacity is pretty much the best I can do, which is not very adult (and "half-capacity" was a lie). 

ugh, Mondays...I wish I could outsource living through those fuckers to India. 


  1. Me too, Eke. My feelings exactly.

  2. I actually think Tuesdays are even worse than Mondays. Everything bad always happens on a Tuesday.

  3. @Stephanie Yeah Tuesdays deserve a punch in the face as well. Also - LOVE your blog. I have been following you for ages and can't believe youre actually posting on my blog! This makes me happy Stephanie.

  4. @Gia

    You guys, we shouldnt get out of bed until Friday.

  5. Seriously??? So you've been reading my blog, and I've been reading your blog and WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT. And this is why the gods invented comments. Ha!

  6. Lol.... I'm looking around and getting a feel for your blog and drawings. This one is just great! So very expressive!

    1. Thanks Bozo. My blog is borderline inappropriate (who am I kidding it IS THE WORD inappropriate!) so I hope I did not give you any uncomfortable feelings. Actually, I hope I did. I gotta go. Bye Bozo!