pardonay mwah

Being French is tricky. It doesn't matter what you say or where you live, and some point or another, you're going to get slapped for it. That's just the way it is and it's kind of awesome.

I say being French is tricky because it's quite double edged in the sense that yes, we have a smokin' hot first lady who shared her lady juices with the likes of Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, but her husband has the leadership skills of a can't win.  


  1. You're french?
    How did I miss that?
    And what is eke saying? "Lets talk about mangy pussy?"
    I went to France one time.
    Paris, specifically.
    I almost stepped in dog poop while buying a bed of fries with a tiny rotisserie chicken perched atop it.
    I bet I looked real cool on the streets of France.
    Real fat and cool.

  2. @gweenbrick I am kind of a bastardised French, English/American. I grew up in France, but went to American schools you see, so I have an American accent and I live in England.

    eke is saying "the cat eats the fish" and I have no idea why.

    And it's good luck to step in shit in France. My sister once stepped in shit and got shat on by a bird at the same time.

  3. It is???
    Darn my lightening reflexes that day...
    I could have used the luck as I missed my train to Amsterdam later that afternoon.
    Your sister has incredible luck and I long to pat her gently on the head and draw some of that luckiness into myself.
    That is quite a pedigree you have there, though I don't think pedigree is a word you apply to someone's upbringing.
    I actually don't know what I mean; I guess I am just trying to sound smart to you now that I know you are foreign.
    I was going to try and ramble along hilariously in this comment, but since I could only get to the ramble stage, I will probably stop now.

  4. tu écris très bien Français, c'est pas du bâtard! lol

    par contre, je me demande parfois si eke ne consomme pas trop de stupéfiant! ^^

  5. Je just popped over from le IWSG to parlez bonjour! (I'm not French - but you probably guessed that already)

  6. @Patsy Patsy, qu'est-ce le IWSG?! Thanks for stopping by :) Hope you enjoyed les cartoons of nonsense.

  7. @juju bbaaah ouais, J'écris le French, parce que je suis le French. Tout comme toi, Juliette.