tramp tales

I don't know if you guys have heard - but apparently whores now need to look like they've been bathing in Cheetos their whole lives. I say this because after recently coming back from the US where I got to watch some seriously awesome reality TV shows, I realised that all the whores I love to hate all look like Mr. Drum (from the Mr. Men series, see below)

I understand the need for the orange complexion about as much as I understand the need for a rectum on your elbow (I do not understand it at all).

Cheeto face is what is wrong with the world, probably. Wait, no, the make-up that is most likely just Nutella which is meant to emulate Cheeto face is worse.

"Damn Gina! If only she were more orange and smelled like acid, I would totes tap that ass!"- said no one. ever.

Here are a few cartoons about whores:



  1. Hahaha I love the eyelashes on the nutella whore. So cute.

  2. lol, i love the "i put out" one!

  3. Thanks guys! I love the last one too. And the valentine's one I made it into a card.