the blackout

Before I figured out how to bypass the blackout on Wikipedia, yesterday was interesting. I had to do a load of research on Nicaragua's current economic climate. My go-to starting point for my research tends to be Wikipedia, not necessarily for the content but for the article references. But I was Wikipedialessness for a while there and I was terrified for my life. And then I started thinking - well what if Google went down?...INSTANT SHITSTORM, is what.

On another note, apparently, I do not require to be sexed any longer as the government is currently fucking my brains out. I mean, okay - taxes, screw with healthcare, invent vegetables, make me jump through hoops to get an education - FINE, I can deal. But how DARE YOU mess with my internet! 

The unhelpful laws SOPA and PIPA would ultimately take down this site, so government -  thanks for nothing, stupid!  

(incidentally, I tried to black out with my sack out yesterday, but I could not figure out how to do it without deleting my blourg entirely.)