the blackout

Before I figured out how to bypass the blackout on Wikipedia, yesterday was interesting. I had to do a load of research on Nicaragua's current economic climate. My go-to starting point for my research tends to be Wikipedia, not necessarily for the content but for the article references. But I was Wikipedialessness for a while there and I was terrified for my life. And then I started thinking - well what if Google went down?...INSTANT SHITSTORM, is what.

On another note, apparently, I do not require to be sexed any longer as the government is currently fucking my brains out. I mean, okay - taxes, screw with healthcare, invent vegetables, make me jump through hoops to get an education - FINE, I can deal. But how DARE YOU mess with my internet! 

The unhelpful laws SOPA and PIPA would ultimately take down this site, so government -  thanks for nothing, stupid!  

(incidentally, I tried to black out with my sack out yesterday, but I could not figure out how to do it without deleting my blourg entirely.) 


  1. did you really use Encarta '95? because that would be AWESOME. lol

  2. Hhaha that's cute. And totally what I used to use to cite papers in middle school.

  3. lol pas mal celle la!
    merci eke! héhé
    encarta c'était terrible a l'époque!

  4. I am reserving my Encarta'95 CD for when they shut down Google. I mean, not a lot has happened since 1995, so it'll still be relevant. Probably.

  5. That's the government's intention - to take down Eke!!!