peter piper picked a peck of pickled penis

next time you eat a pickle...check that it's not a turtle penis first.


  1. Unfortunately, turtle penises are one of the most terrifying things in the world... if only they looked like pickles.

  2. How do you know what they look like?! And why are they terrifying?! So fascinating.

    Also probably teenage mutant ninja turtles have penis pickles. Yes, most probably.

  3. Here is a video... it makes me want to cry.

    My friend posted a similar video a while ago and I have been making a D= face since.

  4. JRose, AH!!!!! - That is not okay! Turtle penises ARE NOT OKAY! hahahahahaha, I seriously can't believe they don't look like pickles.

  5. Gross....I am sad that TMNT might have penises like that.
    eke, I commented once about this already but I will bug you again because I think your blog is so funny-someone gave me my first blog award and told me to spread it around, so I gave one to you too! Yaaay!(?) anyways its at

  6. Gweenbick! You're a legend. Will post about this asap. Thank you so much!

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