do not yell at me

In an argument, or any uncomfortable situation, I can not handle yelling of any kind. I turn into a little girl, well a littler one, and it makes me cry and stand with my feet pointing inwards.

Yellers make me feel as though they are verbally disemboweling me, which is really just needless cruelty.


  1. i hear ya... its even worse when you get yelled at for doing something you were told to do... its like being a confused hurt puppy.... person 1: "hey can you give the kids these snacks" me: "oh yea sure no problem" person 2: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THEY CANT HAVE THOSE! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK TO DO SUCH A THING?! WHERE DID YOU EVEN GET THOSE FROM?!" me"I.. but... told... :,("