dumb dumb

according to her records, she was spayed last month, and the sutures from her operation weren't dissolving properly so she got a little infection. Then, whilst digging and sniffing around the garden she got bit by a spider and her face exploded to 7 times its usual size. Then she got her foot caught in the escalator on her way to the shelter which cut her foot and tore off two of the pads under her foot. She is recovered now, but this was how I got to know my dummy.

But all the while, even with her gimp foot, her swollen face and her infected sutures...she was still happier than most humans. 


  1. ...dog ...escalator ...now, can anyone tell me what's wrong with this scenario? For those that are slow, see...dogs are not people, that's why you don't drag them along with you through stores, malls, etc trying to show them off to compensate for your lack of a personality and desperate need to express yourself as a "unique little snowflake". Amazing that.

  2. I really do not appreciate this comment. While I agree that dogs, especially smaller ones, should not be left to their own means on escalators, the person who found this dog did so by accident.

    In this photo I had just re-homed her at 7 months, she had a cut on her foot, infections (critical ear, anal gland and internal sutures) and was malnourished. She made a full recovery in her new home and now runs around with her sheep friends and her St. Bernard boyfriend with me in Switzerland.

    As a former vet technician I have seen a lot of injuries. And I can honestly say that sometimes, accidents are just that - accidents.

  3. TOTally agree with Onideus... you SHOULD FEEL BAD!
    poor puppy..